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School Fees Policy 2018

You are hereby notified of the following important matters regarding the payment of school fees.

  1. At the Benoni High School Annual General Meeting of the Governing Body held at 18h00 on Tuesday, 14 November 2017, the school fees for 2018 were determined in accordance with resolutions and proposals put forward and voted on by all parents present and in accordance with Section 39 of the South African School's Act 1996. The school fees for 2018 are R 22 000.00 per learner payable in advance. This figure excludes textbooks/work books, excursions, extra murals, tours etc. Books supplied by the Department of Education remain the property of Benoni High and must be returned to the school at the end of the fiscal year in a good condition. The parent and/or pupil are liable for any lost or damaged books and must reimburse the school for the replacement value of the book/s.

    Please note that the school looks to both biological parents for the payment of school fees, irrespective whether they are single, divorced, separated, remarried, married under customary law etc. Parents with pupils in Grade 12 in 2018 are requested to settle the school fee account before 30 September 2018.

  2. Benoni High School is a "Fee Paying" school in terms of the South African Schools Act. All parents are obliged to pay the prescribed school fees in terms of Section 40 of the South African Schools Act, 1996 (See paragraph 6 below)

  3. School fees must be paid using one of the following options:-

    OPTION A: ** R19 800.00
    R22 000.00 less 10% discount (R2 200.00) if paid on or before 31 December 2017.

    OPTION B: ** R20 350.00
    R22 000.00 less 7.5% discount (R1 650.00) if paid on or before 31 January 2018.

    OPTION C: ** R20 900.00
    R22 000.00 less 5% discount (R1 100.00) if paid on or before 28 February 2018.

    ** Any accounts settled after the above discount dates will not qualify for a discount


    Please note: Benoni High will be closed during the December school holidays. Parents paying school fees during the December school holidays are requested to pay directly into the School's bank account, at any ABSA Branch. Proof of payment to be sent to the school: Email: or Fax: 086 769 4040.

    Banking Details
    Account Holder : Benoni High School
    Bank : ABSA Benoni
    Branch Code : 632005
    Account No : 108 272 0207
    Reference No : This number is found on your statement of account.
    Please do not put BHS or the school’s bank account number as a reference. The school will be unable to allocate the payment to the correct school fee account and the money will then be placed in our suspense account until parents can produce a proof of payment. Parents of pupils joining Benoni High in 2018 who have not yet received an account number can quote the pupil's name and surname on the deposit slip. Parents are requested to check their statements to ensure that all payments are reflected. The onus rests on the parents to contact the accounts department if there are any missing payments and produce proof of payment to the school.

    Proof of payment must be sent to the school - Email: or Fax: 086 769 4040

    OPTION D: R22 000.00
    comprising 11 equal payments of R2 000.00 commencing on or before 07 January 2018 with the final instalment on or before 30 November 2018.

    Payment for Option D can be made by way of Debit Order, Post Dated Cheques, Credit Card, Cash or Direct/Electronic payments. Please quote your schools account reference number on all transactions.

    Please note that in some instances if a parent pays from an ABSA to ABSA account the account holder's bank account number reflects on our direct deposit printout instead of the reference number. The onus rests on parents to email or fax proof of payment to the school.

    Should you wish to pay by debit order, please complete the attached form and email, fax or return to the school fee office (not to a teacher) by no later than 01 December 2017, to enable the school to load all documentation for the January 2018 debit order run.

    PLEASE NOTE: If cash is handed to the School Fee Office, receipts are issued immediately.

  4. An additional discount of R500.00 will be granted to parents who have 3 or more pupils in Benoni High School at the same time. In this instance, fees per pupil will be payable as follows:- Pupil 1: R22 000.00; Pupil 2: R21 500.00; Pupil 3: R21 000.00; Pupil 4: R20 500.00; Pupil 5: R20 000.00;

    This family discount will only be granted where all the siblings have the same biological parents and/or legally adopted children and does not apply to step children/half brothers and sisters/nieces or nephews or any family related members. To qualify for this discount a copy of all pupils unabridged birth certificates must be produced and/or adoption papers.

  5. PAYMENTS MADE BY A TRUST FUND: Parents/Guardians are requested to immediately forward this letter to the trust fund concerned, to enable the Trust to settle the account on or before 31 December 2017 and qualify for a 10% discount. Please inform the Trust to insert the correct reference number on the deposit transaction.

  6. In terms of Section 40 and 41 of the South African Schools Act, 1996, the school may enforce the payment of compulsory school fees, unless or to the extent they have been exempted from payment (see 7 below)

  7. Exemptions

    7.1 A parent who wishes to apply for exemption from payment of school fees, in full or in part must complete the prescribed application for assistance form which can be collected from the school fee office during scheduled meetings. Exemption forms must be completed in full and returned to the school fee office within 30 days from date of collection, failing which the school will deem that the parent/s no longer wish to apply for an exemption and will be liable for the full fees due and owing for 2018. Incomplete forms will not be considered. The cut-off date for exemptions will be the 28th February 2018 for mainstream applications.

    7.2 Parents who have signed the required Department of Education's Annexure "G" forms when a pupil was accepted at the school cannot automatically assume they qualify for an exemption of school fees. Concession forms must be completed and are available from the school fee office.

  8. Voluntary tours - Pupils will not be allowed to attend any voluntary extra mural tours/excursions if school fees are in arrears.

  9. All payments/monies received into the school will firstly be allocated to arrear school fees before anything else, i.e. excursions, tours, etc

  10. Parents need to keep the school informed of any change of address, telephone, cellphone numbers, marital status etc. During the course of the year forms will be sent to parents requesting that all the above details be updated. These forms are compulsory and must be completed in full and signed by both biological parents/and or legal guardian/ sponsor, irrespective of whether the parents are married, remarried, single, divorced, separated, married customary law etc.

  11. Confirmation of current learner's attendance (re-registration) at the school for 2018 to be set at R500.00 per family (which will be offset to school fees). Terms and Conditions apply to the code of conduct rules.

  12. The school may communicate with parents in person, by pupil, fax, telephone, cell phone, e-mail, SMS, D6 Communicator and via the school's web page.

  13. The school may conduct a credit enquiry and/or credit information search about parents with a credit information bureau, persons acting as their agents and/or credit grantors and may give details of how the parent/s have performed in meeting their obligations in terms of their school fee obligations and share such information with the other credit grantors for the purpose of making any credit risk management related decisions. A parent defaulting with school fee payments may be noted as a default listing at a credit bureau which will become available to other credit grantors and used in making credit risk management related decisions. Parents defaulting with school fee payment may also be handed over to Attorneys.


School fee policy 2018 acknowledgement of receipt

Click here for the School Fees Policy acknowledgement of receipt


Banking Details

Account Holder: Benoni High School

Bank: ABSA Benoni

Branch Code: 63 20 05

Account No: 108 272 0207

Reference No: This number is found on your statement of account.


Click here for the complete School Fees Policy for 2018